Broucheroc. Formerly a prosperous Hive World until the events of two hundred years prior, wherein the Planetary-Governor, Adrian Vilokatas, died during suspicious circumstances involving a grox, an exotic dancer, and three bottles amasec. A cabal of high-ranking planetary officials were declared interim rulers until they could resolve the issue of succession.

The exact nature of the discussions are unknown but it is known that Three of the Nine High Councilors were dead at the end, one was wounded, and High Councilor Thravian had been titled as the new Planetary-Governor. At this point it became clear that the remaining five Councilors had banded together as a faction of radicals and intended on seceding from the Empire. Tendrils of this corruption had spread throughout much of the Broucheroc Hierarchy, and Loyalist forces were either carefully assassinated, turned or went into hiding. Having taken control of Broucheroc, the Cabal of High Councilors openly rebelled against the Empire.

Such vast treachery does not go unnoticed, and several regiments of Guardsmen were sent to pacify the planet and restore it to the Emperor’s fold. War was waged on the surface, reducing most of the surface of the planet to broken ruins during the course of orbital bombardment and ground-level artillery. Before the Traitorous Forces could be broken and the world restored to the Empire, a trio of Ork Roks collided with planet.

The influx of Greenskins into the already battered warscape of the planet turned battlefields into ruinous tracts of destruction. The distraction of the Greenskins gave the traitorous forces enough respite to regroup and resolve themselves into pockets of defiance, as the bulk of the Imperial presence found it’s attention occupied with the bloodthirsty Xenos menace.

As if attracted by the mayhem that Broucheroc was rapidly becoming, there have been limited sightings of Xenos Spacecraft nearby, leading to rumours of Eldar presence on the planet. There are few sightings of Eldar on Broucheroc, and most are dismissed by the High Command. [REDACTED] has suggested that the Orkish presence and even the rebellion had been induced by such Xenos manipulation to provide ample cover for some form of clandestine operation on the planet.

By the Emperor’s Will and Divine Grace, Broucheroc will be purified.



War for Broucheroc